Ponytail Day 2013

Ponytail Day 2013
The Pony tail day is said to be an old tradition at CJM.  It is celebrated for the senior most class of the year.  It is their last day in school.  The seniors, the eleventh graders make two pony tails, decorate them with colourful ribbons and come.

This year it was celebrated on the 12th of April, 2013.  Seniors gave us a surprise; they all arrived in a bus accompanied with the drummers announcing their arrival. They danced their way into the school.  They looked cute in their colourful pony tails.  They had their black capes on that said ‘Class of 2013’.  Some of them had lollypops in their mouths.

They came up on the stage, dancing in a circle.  Finally, they stopped and seated themselves on the stage.  Then, the speeches began.  There were some sad ones and some happy ones.  They told us about the memories of the good times they had over the years they spent in CJM.  They also shared the jokes they played in the class.  They spoke lovingly about their feelings for their teachers.  Some girls got so emotional that they started crying.  The audience was in awe and was listening attentively to what was being said.

After that the seniors went to the lounge and had refreshments along with the teachers and the rest of the students went back to their classes. We played for a while till the school bell rang for the home time.  The seniors were still in the lounge and some had come out and were signing each other’s uniforms and hugging each other.  Gifts of cards and pens were also given to them by some of the junior students who loved them very much.

The pony tail day was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to have one next year, though it’s a long time away.

Written by: Doha Salem Shelli Class VI - B