Traffic Rules for Senior School.

To facilitate the Parents and ensure safety of the students, the Parents’ Forum has taken the initiative to streamline the traffic flow at all the three sections of CJM. Parents are requested to please review the following points & communicate the same to the person who is responsible for the commuting of your child.  
  1. There are three drop lanes, please drop the child in drop lane only.
  1. The school attendant will not receive any child outside the drop lanes.
  1. Don’t keep the child’s bag in the trunk. This wastes a lot of time leading to traffic congestion.
  1. The driver should not be stepping down to open the door for the child, again, this wastes time.
  1. Child should be sitting on left side so she can quickly and safely get out.
  1. Don’t wait in the drop lane to see your child go. This puts the lives of other children in danger as they are forced to get off in the middle of the road.
  1. If available, please drive to the first drop lane, this will facilitate two other cars to drop their children reducing the waiting time for other children in the queue.
  1. Honking Horn & Parking in & around drop-off zone is prohibited.
  1. No U turns allowed in front of the drop lane, if you need to make one, please drive forward and make the U-turn at the street intersection.
  1. Please do not argue with the parents/staff present on-duty, this initiative is not only to facilitate commuters or to improve the safety aspect but also to develop a sense of discipline in the child.
    Please note this initiative is monitored & non-compliance of above instructions can/may   result  in disciplinary action. If you have any questions/suggestion or would like to volunteer for this project please send us an email at


Razzak H. Paracha