About Us

The Convent of Jesus and Mary 86 Clifton Karachi is an educational establishment under the management of the Sisters of Jesus and Mary, who conduct such institutions throughout the world.

The Congregation of Jesus and Mary was founded in 1837 by Claudine Thevenet, in France at the time of the Revolution. She was a woman of deep faith and her greatest anguish was “that men should die without ever experiencing God”. She desired to form the young. For this purpose she established orphanages and schools where the young could be taught to aim at their entire self-development with respect to being

  • convinced of the meaning and purpose of life in all its forms.
  • With faith in God, in themselves and in humanity
  • as channels in God’s active goodness, in a world of complexity, challenge and change.
  • In short, to become good persons who would leave the world a better place because they have passed through it.

The first group of Sisters came to India in 1842. The Convent School in Sialkot was founded in 1856. Other establishments were founded in Murree and Lahore in the same century. However, it was only in 1959 the Convent School in Karachi was opened, chiefly to cater for the educational needs of English speaking children in the Clifton area. It is the aim of our school to bring about the all-round development of the child’s physical, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and social growth, so as to form girls with integrated personalities, while taking into consideration the personal need of the individual and also that of the changing world of today. We strive for the spiritual and human formation of the pupil, and promote the dignity of the human person while fostering social relation. The young student is thus given a chance to acquire a better knowledge of the world and as a consequence a desire to be a real service to others.

The school prepares pupils for Cambridge 0 Level Examinations. Presently it offers;

  • Four compulsory subjects- English Language, English Literature, Urdu and Mathematics.
  • Three optional subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, OR Business Studies, Economics, Principles of Accounts.
  • Three further subjects such as Computer Studies, Art, and Additional Mathematics, from which only one may be chosen.