Question : What is the age of entry into preparatory?

Answer : 3.5 to 4 years of age

Question : How do I apply for admission of my child into preparatory?

Answer : If your child qualifies as per age criteria stated above, you can apply directly via website once we advise you the date to check the website. You will also forward a hard copy of the applications in the drop box on the specified date.

Question : What are my options if my child misses the cut-off date?

Answer : If your child misses the cut-off date, you have an option to apply for Prep II or try for Prep I in the following year.

Question : When will my child be tested and how do I find out the results of the testing?

Answer : The Test will be conducted after two months of the submission of the application as per cut off date and the test results will be placed on the website.

Question : In what areas will my child be tested?

Answer : It is an oral test for Prep I and the child’s general IQ will be assessed spoken English is compulsory.

Question : How long will the test take?

Answer : The test will take approximately 15 minutes.

Question : When should we apply for Registration/admission?

Answer : Currently date not available, you will have to refer to the website between end October and first week November. Thereafter, applications are considered if space is still available at the appropriate grade level.

Question : What other documents do we need to submit?

Answer :At the time of Registration, no documents need to be produced..

Question : Can we apply online?

Answer : Yes! You can apply online.

Question : Do we need to send our child to a Montessori before seeking admission in Prep 1?

Answer : es. You need to send your child to a Montessori prior to seeking admission in Prep 1.

Question : What is the application fee?

Answer : There is no application fee.