Vision for the New Millennium.

Any school of the Congregation of Jesus & Mary exists to serve you. Our role is to cooperate with you in helping your daughter to become a creative person in the contemporary world. Together with you, we try and help your daughter realize that ultimately it is she who must make herself. By her personal choices and actions, she will form herself into a responsible person. Together we will help her to develop her powers of body and soul, her emotions, imagination, intellect and her unique potential for social relationship. In brief, we hope that your daughter will see her life as one of dynamic growth and personal service to Almighty God and to the whole family of humankind. At the time your daughter leaves school, we hope the following characteristics will be hers;


These will have been instilled in her throughout her school life and will motivate and permeate all her choices, her decisions in the future. They will have moulded her into a caring, realistic human being who is concerned about others. In short, these values will have made of her an ‘other-centred person’, a person prepared to take risks and face challenges for the betterment of the society where she finds herself.


She will have gained that experiential knowledge which is necessary for the next stage of her life. This means that she will have grasped the arts and sciences to the extent of her potential. She will have knowledge of her Faith equal to her potential in other fields and strong enough to counter pressures that may arise in her adult life. She will know about her own society, world societies, and her responsibility to these societies.


Your daughter will also have acquired basic skills. She will know how speak and to communicate. She will be able to pen herself to others, to appreciate them and to work with them. She will not only have acquired knowledge, but also the ‘know-how’ for acquiring more knowledge and developing further skills in the future. She will be confident but not arrogant.


Your daughter will also have certain loyalties. Among these, the first loyalty will be to her religion. We hope, that in all the changes of life, she will never allow Almighty God to disappear from her life. She will also be loyal to her family, her country and her school.

These are just some of the characteristics a ‘Jesus & Mary’ pupil, your daughter, will exemplify when she leaves us after twelve years.